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J. Daniel & Company, Inc. is a trusted partner, offering a wide array of electrical construction and maintenance services to our nation’s electrical utility companies. Our workforce is able to handle any situation, whether energized or de-energized, with the utmost safety and efficiency.


J. Daniel & Company provides turnkey construction and maintenance services for electric utility companies.

J. Daniel provides a range of services related to underground and aerial electric construction. We have experience in installing, rebuilding or removing large electric vaults in all types of environments. Additionally, we have successfully completed projects involving:

  • Directional drilling for the installation of electric conduit
  • Installing/rebuilding/removing electric manholes
  • Installing precast concrete vaults and manholes
  • Provides joint trench construction
  • Installing electric cables in conduit and manhole systems
  • Installing electric conduit on bridges and in tunnels
  • Provides service and repair operations in existing underground electrical conduit systems
  • Performs aerial construction including pole, cable and equipment installations

With the right people and the right equipment, J. Daniel strives for safety on all of our job sites. Our employees continue to set the standard in the utility construction industry with vast talent that is only enhanced by our equipment resources available.



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