J. Daniel & Company, Inc. offers communication solutions crafted specifically for each of our clients. At the forefront of the industry, J. Daniel continues to meet or exceed industry standards by offering reliable and cost-effective solutions to our customers. Our qualified employees are experienced in multiple areas of communication construction, resulting in a successful execution of any project.

We provide world-class communications utility construction, repair, and maintenance services.

Underground Plant Construction

With the ability to accomplish any project, in any environment, the magnitude of a project does not deter our staff.  Accepting all challenges, we at J. Daniel are equipped to complete any project whether it be installing fiber optic cable, PVC conduit, HDPE innerduct, or buried cable. We are experts in restoring, installing, rebuilding and relocating underground structures, in addition to removal of manholes, vaults, buried pedestals, and much more.

Aerial Construction Services

Our team also specializes in aerial plant construction, with a constant focus on safety and quality of work. Whether we are installing, framing, supporting, or removing poles, lashing cables, removing aerial strand and more, we always keep safety in mind. J. Daniel offers our customers various operational options when installing communication line aerially. Safety is our priority and our personnel’s experience results in successful completion of your project from design to installation, to removal.

Metropolitan, Commercial and Business Areas

Our expertise also extends to urban construction, where the increasingly congested communication landscape presents unique challenges. The daily work of J. Daniel strives for safety not only on the job site but for vehicular and pedestrian traffic. Our attention to detail in installing overhead and underground utilities has resulted in a proven safety record year after year in these challenging conditions.

Directional Drilling Expertise

Underground communications infrastructure construction often requires drilling through various soil conditions, from hard rock to loose sand. With a wide array of directional drilling equipment, J. Daniel can utilize the right tool for the right job, supporting minimal ground disturbances and reducing final restoration costs. We are capable of installing multiple types of pipes while avoiding the hazards that exist below the ground surface by directing personnel to communicate with companies that have underground utilities located on our worksites.

Problem-Solving Excellence

J. Daniel employs personnel that jointly reflect well over 100 years of industry problem-solving experience assisting all field forces on projects big and small. With these resources, we are capable of offering customers solutions for underground, buried and aerial plant environments. We insist that our engineering personnel is informed of the newest technology and processes for communications infrastructure solutions to be a reliable innovative partner to our customers. Whether we engineer a network, manage projects, install infrastructure, or perform maintenance and repair, you can trust us to provide world-class service.

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